19 February 2017

Shivat Haminim easy mobile

The Seven Species (Shivat Haminim in Hebrew) are the seven types of fruits and grains named in the Torah  as the main produce of the land of Israel. In ancient times these foods were staples of the Israelite diet. They were also important in the ancient Jewish religion because one of the Temple tithes derived from these seven foods. The tithe was called the bikkurim, which meant "first fruits."
Today the seven species are still important agricultural items in modern Israel but they no longer dominate the produce of the country as they once did. On the holiday of Tu B'Shvat it has become traditional for Jews to eat from the seven species
Shivat Haminim rustic mobile. Laminated hand painted cards hanging from a natural branch.

Trees illustrated cards

Collection of illustrated cards with different kind of trees. Prints, natural paper, laminated.
Pear, peach, birch, chestnut, olive, laurel, hazel, pine, pomegranate, apple, maple, walnut, pear, magnolia, almond, oak, willow.

12 February 2017

Felt trees panel - Happy trees

3D trees panel made with felt , wood and true sticks.

Tu B'Shevat tree decoration

Why do trees celebrate their New Year so much later than ours? It has to do with the rainy season in Israel, which commences with the festival of Sukkot. It takes four months for the rains to saturate the soil, nurture the trees and coax them into producing fruit. This is important to know if you are planning to give your tithes of fruits, as is done in the Land of Israel, because the required tithes vary from year to year. It’s also important if you are a tree and looking for something to celebrate.

The wool-wrapped copper branches and felt leaves on the textured wooden bases of our delicate saplings evoke foliage with colors in burgundy, brown, and dark honey and grey. Bendable copper  in branches and leaves allows for graceful shaping of natural forms. Available in two heights. Mounted on solid wood blocks.
Tu B'Shevat Customs .

10 February 2017

Tress themed homedecorations

The 15th of Shevat on the Jewish calendar, celebrated this year on Saturday, February 11, 2017,is the day that marks the beginning of a “new year” for trees. This is the season in which the earliest-blooming trees in the Land of Israel emerge from their winter sleep and begin a new fruit-bearing cycle.
We mark the 15th of Shevat by eating fruit, particularly from the kinds that are singled out by the Torah in its praise of the bounty of the Holy Land: grapes, figs, pomegranates, olives and dates. On this day we remember that “man is a tree of the field”
 It takes approximately four months for the rains of the new year to saturate the soil and trees, and produce fruit

08 February 2017

Shabbath Shirà

Shabbat of Song
This week's Torah reading contains the "song at the sea" sung by the Children of Israel upon their deliverance from the Egyptians, when the Red Sea split to allow them to pass and then drowned their pursuers. Hence this Shabbat is designated as Shabbat Shirah, "Shabbat of song."
Our sages tell us that the birds in the sky joined our ancestors in their singing; for this reason it is customary to put out food for the birds for this Shabbat (to avoid the possibility of transgressing the laws of Shabbat, the food should be put out before Shabbat).

06 January 2017

Hannuukah decorations

A festive atmosphere during Hanukkah can be created in the home, religious school, synagogue by children together with the adults.

Decorative Star shap wood box

Decorative hand painted fancy small wood gift box Star of David shape.
A perfect Hannukah small gift...

Star of David decorative candle holder

Decorative Star of David shaped decorative candle holder.
A festive collection of wooden tea light candle holders. These are handcrafted from recycled wood and handpainted and decorated with decorative paper on top.

05 January 2017

Giant Star Ornament

I could hardly wait to show you this Popsicle stick craft! 
These stars are fun, easy, and so inexpensive to make. The smallest can be 24cm across; the largest is 60cm.
You could also coat them in glitter or fake snow.
Hang them in your window, over a door instead of a wreath, or from the ceiling. 
To hang them on the wall, tie a small ribbon bow to the snowflake, then tie a longer piece of ribbon to the back of the bow. Attach the long ribbon with double-stick foam tape at the very top of the wall.

Material to make giant craft stick stars
craft sticks
hot glue gun and glue
fishing line
clear cellophane tape
holiday ribbon
gold and silver paint
double-stick foam tape
small paintbrush
drop cloth or newspaper

Fimo small Menorah

Handmade mini cute doughnut-like Hanukkah menorah.
Fimo is a polymer clay for modeling, that can be hardened by baking it in the oven at a low temperature.Once hardened it can be sanded, drilled, painted, and cut. You can even add extra bits to a model and then bake it again.
It can be used to make all kinds of things from Fimo beads to doll's house miniatures; from badges to puppets.

Fimo is a non-toxic substance and is virtually odourless. It comes in many different colours, including translucent, which can be mixed to create new tones.

Felt Menorah

Things I like about this project:
It is relatively quick and you can use virtually any scraps you have around the house.
You don't need to sew (W felt and glue)
I see this as the kind of decoration that's timeless and warm, year after year.

One large square of canvas or solid colored quilt weight fabric .
Four large squares of different grades of blue or contrasting blue felt .
One square of white felt
One small square of orange and red felt (for flames)

Glue and glue gun
Metallic thread, scissors, pencil

DIY clothespin Menorah

With Hanukkah I thought a menorah made from clothespins would be a really neat idea. So, I  grabbed a handful of clothespins I had left  and set out to make one.

What you need to make a clothespin Hanukkah Menorah craft for kids:
Scrap cardboard (I used approximately 9 inches)
Hannukah gift wrapping paper
Wooden clothespins
Red felt

Modge podge
Glue gun

The Kids Hannukah mini Kit

Jewish holidays in a box.
Play more. Learn more. Have more Hanukkah fun. Then, when Hanukkah is over, tuck everything back into the box and you’re ready for next year.
Complete Hanukkah handmade mini Set! Menorah -Candles - Dreidels - Game rules - Hanukkah wood Star of David.

The Giant Dreidel

Hanukkah Giant Dreidel Paper Craft for kids and adults.
Print the letters, glue them and fold your own dreidel toy. 
Use a 70Cmx100cm coloured cardboard.
You can also use this Dreidel for decorating your home, hanging on the wall or from the ceiling.


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